Custom Molded Orthotics

Posted 09/01/2014

At Hands-On Healthcare, the concept of healthy feet is not taken lightly. As Chiropractors we understand the importance of proper biomechanics of your feet, look Your feet are the foundation of proper posture and considering the average person takes a minimum of between 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day it is obvious why improper foot function can affect you spine. We therefore offer custom shoe support to correct any problem our examination may reveal. We focus on function, offering supportive orthotic devices that can truly make a difference!

Here at Hands-On Healthcare we have made the #1 selling Massage Chair available to our patients. We special order these amazing chairs for those of our patients who want to continue their treatment at home, providing deep penetrating massage for the neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet with simple, easy to use massage programs available on a touch control. These versatile chairs also provide you with full body stretching, aiding in decompression of the spine. The doctors of Hands-On Healthcare truly believe in the benefits of this product . . . so much so that they even use them in their own homes!

Some Potential Dangers of Dieting

Posted 12/10/2014

It's not just the poor rates of effectiveness that makes weight loss such a complicated subject. Trying to get rid of unwanted fat can also be dangerous, if it is approached in the wrong way. This problem is far greater with the 'extreme' types, some six star testosterone booster of diet that promise to take off a lot of weight, quickly, in a very short space of time, look six star testosterone booster reviews.

This type of diet often causes loss of muscle tissue instead of fat; (muscle weighs heavier than fat!) They can also increase the risk of heart disease, a slowed down metabolism and other health problems.

Improve Your Child's Brain Power With Jigsaw Puzzles

Posted 03/08/2015

No one can deny the fact that in the contemporary life it's extremely important to have a sharp brain, concentration skills & well-developed attention. If your brain skills are well-developed and you have good IQ confidence you're guaranteed to be successful in your career as well as in many other spheres of life. Unquestionable, every employer wants to hire and promote the person who has the best brain characteristics. Even if a person is persistent and works day and night, but has little results of the work phentaslim, few employers will keep this person employed long (source:

Offering different sorts of puzzles to children at a young age is an excellent way for them to evolve significant manual adroitness, memory as well as coordination skills. With the course of time those children will be able to master even more complex puzzles which help not only to develop their language skills but also numeric skills and quick-wittedness in general. When you introduce puzzles to your child for the first time help him or her to cope with the task and teach the kid how to do it on their own. After your child understands what is required from her or him, the child will gladly complete the puzzles on their own, offering a rewarding experience for both parents and himself or herself.

Japanese Clinical Trials

Posted 02/11/2016

One group were given the Garcinia Cambogia extract and the other group was given a 'placebo'. However, neither of the two groups were told which group had been given the Garcinia Cambogia, and which group were only given the placebo.

Prior to the study commencing, measurements of every subject's height, weight, body mass, (BMI), waist and hip circumference were recorded: and, at the end of the first twelve weeks of the study, both groups were given a placebo for the next four weeks, in order to assess any possible 'rebound' effect.